Teaching and Design Engagements

Scope of Projects

Since 2000, I’ve overseeing the continuing education programs for UCLA Extension in the following areas: Design, User Experience, Art, Art History, Photography, and related new areas including Immersion, Design Thinking and Design for Social Good.  I also teaches classes, usually short courses in design to stay hands on with the students, industry and program.  Program development, budgets, staff management, instructor recruiting.

I also have done extension design work for the university. Work previous to my appointment at Extension includes comprehensive branding for the main campus (75th Anniversary, UCLA Alumni Association, UCLA Events Office, UCLA Conference and Catering, and during my appointment UCLA’s Volunteer Center, TEDxUCLA, and the programs I oversee.

A Few Links

Note: Much of my work is highly collaborative, team based, and the live sites are constantly changing. I’m linking to current iterations of projects I am currently involved in or previously had a lead role in.

  • TEDxUCLA (Website, Event Design, Collateral)
  • UCLA Volunteer Center (Original core team that built out the center, my responsibility was for the virtual side of the center – website and social medias)
  • UCLA Extension User Experience Website
  • Design brochure (For an overview of our programs, design oversight by me, design and production by our excellent marketing teams.)